Bulk Moringa Powder

Our Moringa Miracle Powder can be sprinkled into virtually any meal to provide extra nutrition which our bodies readily absorb. Only a few teaspoons need to be added to your meal or drink as it is one of the most nutrient-rich superfoods in the world. Our Moringa Powder is 100% pure Moringa oleifera. The nutritional profile of Moringa will ensure that you stay focused, energised and healthy. Join the trend by developing your existing products with this new superfood, whether it be cereal, smoothie mix, yoghurt, juices, dips, sauces or cereal bars.


For Energy, Focus, Mood, Immunity & Wellbeing

Boosts immune system. Increased energy. Increases focus | mental clarity and stamina. Provides an abundance of all-natural anti-aging nutrients and minerals. Helps to regain | regrow | re-energise and recover muscle mitochondria after exercise. Supports healthier blood naturally. Helps to maintain healthier blood sugar levels within a normal range. Aids with joint pain. Assists in reaching and maintaining an appropriate body weight. Helps to maintain healthier blood pressure levels within a normal range. Improves mobility and edibility. Enhances overall well-being.

Additional information

Product Description

Made from the dried and crushed leaves of the Moringa tree.

Raw Specs

  • 100% Moringa oleifera
  • Non-GMO
  • Appearance: A finely milled, vibrant green powder

Packed Specs

  • 25kg Moringa oleifera powder, packed into a 50kg paper bag, with a plastic lining
  • Weight: 25kg
  • Dimensions: 700 x 500 x 200