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What is moringa and what makes it so good for you?

Moringa oleifera has been recognised as one of the most nutritious plants on the planet – more nutritious than kale, matcha, turmeric and goji berries! The dried leaves of the plant are milled into powder and tea and used as a daily supplement for its health benefits. Being a natural whole-food, the nutrients of Moringa are readily available for your body to identify, absorb and utilize – easier than when taking synthetic supplements.

What nutrients does moringa contain that classifies it as a superfood?

Our certificate of analysis on every harvested batch shows that 100g of our moringa contains:
• 32% protein including all 9 essential amino acids
• 23% fibre
• A rich source of iron & calcium
• Potassium, magnesium & zinc
• A source of vitamin A, B, C, E & K
• Strong antioxidant properties

What are the benefits of adding moringa to your daily diet?
• Supports immune health & well-being
• Assists with gut health
• Helps support energy levels
• Assists with brain health & mental clarity
• Improves recovery speed & healing process
• Prevents oxidative stress & DNA damage
• Supports hair & nail growth
• Reduce risk of cholesterol, anemia, heart disease, bowel cancer

So, now we know that moringa is good for you, but how do you add it into your diet?

First and foremost, all our moringa products are exactly the same on the inside, the dried leaves of our moringa trees are either milled into a fine powder or slightly crushed up – they are just packaged to suit different lifestyles & preferences. You can choose from three different products:

Moringa Tea: we recommend adding introducing moringa tea into your lifestyle as this is a great way to get a ‘lift’ of nutrients whilst drinking a delicious hot drink! Drink as many cups throughout the day as you wish.
Moringa Capsules: our capsules are the easiest way to consume the pure moringa powder as you don’t have to worry about mixing it into one of your meals and can easily take your moringa when it suits you, especially when you’re travelling! We recommend 4 capsules daily. If you are trying to recover from a cold or flu, it will be beneficial to take 4 capsules twice a day until you’ve fully recovered.
Moringa Powder: this is the best way to incorporate moringa into your child’s diet as it is so easy to conceal in smoothies, granola bars, curries, all sorts! Just sprinkle a teaspoon into the meal. This is our recommendation to get the full benefits of the nutrients.

No matter how you are consuming moringa, you are still benefiting your body & treating it to a handful of powerful nutrients. Why don’t you store ALL three products in your pantry, that way you can decide which way you’d like to supercharge your day with moringa.

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