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Flower Power!

4 Sustainable And Environmental Benefits Of Moringa

Have you ever heard of a plant that’s a superfood to humans, a miracle tree to the earth, and a sliver of hope to impoverished communities?

Moringa, a herbal supplement growing in popularity as it become renowned for being one of the most nutritious plants on the planet, has sustainable and environmental benefits.

Want to know how moringa is paving the way for a better Africa (and a better you)? Sit back, pour yourself a glass of refreshing iced tea, and read about the four sustainable and environmental benefits of this miracle tree. 


1 | Moringa is Environmentally sustainable

Farming moringa trees provides a natural solution to increasing land degradation problems like soil erosion and deforestation. Moringa is also a haven for beneficial birds, bees, and bugs – increasing the habitat’s biodiversity. Moringa Initiative is currently in the final phase of gaining our organic certification, just adding to the environmental and nutritional value of our product.

2 | Moringa offers economic opportunities

Large moringa farms and businesses provide employment opportunities to communities in rural areas. These jobs give families money for school fees, food, clothes, and other necessities. With over 150 employees (90% female) at Moringa Initiative, our business provides employment opportunities to the community and teaches people about health and nutrition. Impoverished communities can also plant moringa trees – just a few plants will supply a whole family with enough leaves and seeds to sustain them. 

3 | Moringa improves nutrition

Fresh moringa leaves are high in vitamin C, vitamin A, iron, potassium, calcium, and protein. If communities grow trees, they can add a variety of vitamins and minerals to their diets without having to plant multiple crops. When the leaves are dried, their nutritional value increases exponentially, and in powdered form, moringa can be stored for up to two years. Because of its high nutrient value, this power plant increases milk production in breastfeeding women, helps fight malnutrition, and improves children’s and adults’ overall immunity.

4 | Moringa provides clean drinking water

Moringa seeds can purify contaminated water and make it drinkable. When added to dirty water, the seeds remove almost all contaminants and bacteria. This is a step in the right direction for sustainable water filtering solutions, especially in developing countries where affordability and accessibility are hugely problematic.

Moringa Initiative is a company that is proud to cultivate and supply such a wonderfully nutritious, sustainable, and environmentally friendly product. The next time you purchase one of our products, remember that you’re benefiting your body, playing a valuable part in uplifting local communities, and saving the environment.