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Moringa Initiative WINS!

Our fearless director, Tash Abernethy attended the Southern African Regional Exporters Awards hosted by USAID Southern Africa Trade & Investment Hub and ECDC, where we were one of the nominees to the Buyer of the year prize. We were up against many well established firms, so the nomination was already…

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Who is Moringa Initiative?

Moringa Initiative is a proud, family-owned business. Our Moringa is organically grown and lovingly processed on our family farm in Zambia! We have two branches, one in Lusaka and one in Durban, South Africa. When we first planted our Moringa oleifera crop in 2013, our initial vision was to…

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Why the world loves moringa

Moringa oleifera has been one of the best kept secrets in the health foods and supplement industries. This nutrient rich superfood has enjoyed a steady rise in demand, with more recent years seeing this easy-to-grow crop on an upward rise to greatness.

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